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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I do an A STATE OF RIDE workout?
    Easy! There's 3 great ways you can join us. Firstly, you can experience our workouts streaming on ANY device from the comfort of your own home, provided you have access to the internet and a stationary bike. Simply set up your FREE account and join us online! Secondly, our partner RIDE locations host classes throughout Australia, offering you the opportunity to join in person, check your local centre for RIDE! Lastly, if you're in the Coffs Coast area we run live classes in local gyms as well as private sessions in studio. Reach out to us for more details.
  • Is prior cycling or indoor cycling experience necessary?
    No, prior cycling or indoor cycling experience is not necessary. We recognise that everyone has a different starting point, and our workouts are designed to be scalable to accommodate all fitness levels.
  • What type of bikes do I need?
    All A STATE OF RIDE programs are compatible with a wide range of stationary indoor cycles, whether they have tech features or not.
  • What are the different programs and how long in duration is each?
    A STATE OF RIDE offers three workout formats: XP (30 minutes), RIDE (45-50 minutes), and Enduro (75 minutes).
  • How often do the new releases/workouts come out?
    We update with New workouts every 3 months across our programs. We will often add additonal Releases (Mixtapes or Special Editions) into the Instructor Club library too.
  • What level of fitness is needed to teach A STATE OF RIDE?
    At A STATE OF RIDE, we encourage instructors to cultivate their fitness using our program. While the role demands high performance, our inclusive approach allows instructors to enhance their fitness level while on the job, supported by our training programs.
  • Why should I consider becoming an A STATE OF RIDE Instructor?
    We provide modern Fitness Professionals like yourself with an exciting opportunity to lead in the indoor cycling space. Our innovative programs enable you to expand your skill set, connect with a broader audience, and motivate individuals to achieve their fitness aspirations in any studio environment. As a RIDE Indoor Cycle Instructor, you'll be part of a community committed to excellence, growth, and performance, empowering others to live healthier lives.
  • Do I get CEC's?
    Absolutely! There are 14 Continuing Education Credits (14CECs) for Fitness Professionals to achieve upon completion of the RIDE Indoor Cycle Instructor Training module. Our accredited training weekends are tailored to boost your expertise and understanding in the fitness industry, enabling you to uphold your certifications and progress in your career journey.
  • How much is module training & certification?
    RIDE Indoor Cycle Instructor Training (14CEC's). $649/person 2 day In-Person training & assessing. Includes: RIDE Instructor Resources (Latest Release), 3mo complimentary Instructor Club, Printed RIDE Instructor Manual, Printed Certificate of Completion.
  • Where is module training held?
    RIDE Instructor Training Modules are regularly conducted across Australia, spanning most major cities and capitals. You can register your interest by RSVPing to your nearest location or contacting us to arrange a module in your club.
  • Is the music used original or PPCA-free?
    All music featured in the A STATE OF RIDE programs are from the original artists. It's essential for Fitness Centres to have the appropriate licenses to stream our audio for your group fitness classes, such as those from OneMusic in Australia. We use playlists that are accessed via the A STATE OF RIDE Mixcloud app.
  • How do I access the instructor resources?
    All A STATE OF RIDE Instructor Resources, including music playlists and instructional booklets, are part of the Instructor Club membership. With an active subscription, certified RIDE Instructors gain access to a wealth of valuable resources, including music playlists and instructional booklets, essential for delivering exceptional workouts in their club.
  • Does my club need a license to hold A STATE OF RIDE Programs on its timetable?
    Yes, a license is required for your club to feature A STATE OF RIDE Programs on its timetable. However, we offer flexible licensing options tailored to suit your club's needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you further.
  • Can I arrange a demo or special event at my facility with A STATE OF RIDE?
    Yes. To enquire about scheduling a demonstration or organising a special event at your venue, please reach out to us at We look forward to hearing from you!


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